Starrybrook Island


Located off the Coast of Othburgh, Starrybrook Island is home to a rugged, frontiers people, even by the standard of Othburgh and its migrants. It was home to both traveling pirates from the Silvershore Isles and Othburgh citizens, but a generation ago the Dual Monarchy of the Andreds took control of the island whole with a vicious and bloody war.

In recent months, the Black Shore Fleet began heavily pillaging and taking control of various points along Starrybrook. Eventually, the whole island was blocked off from the rest of the Andreds and it became known as Black Shore Isle.

The Governor-Baron of Othburgh would petition the King for a few of the royal navy’s best ship in order to launch an assault on Starrybrook and free the island. However, upon landing in Redleaf, it was discovered that the Lady Desae was actually the Lady-Admiral of the Black Fleet, and that she had usurped and killed House Desun at the Sun Fort to take over the island.

The Battle of the Sun Fort would serve as the final battleground between Saberbane’s forces and Clissón’s.

Starrybrook Island

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