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A world of order…

Despite the squabbles of rancorous factions, decades have passed and the continent of Virenia has flourished in a long, peaceful slumber. A whole generation has grown to maturity not knowing the brutal struggles of wars without end, and entire centuries have come and gone since the Great Wars of old, leaving only ancient fables and legends of those dark days.

In the Five-hundredth and Seventh year since The Collapse, a band of adventurers find themselves in the center of events as they witness the re-emergence of antiqued and long-forgotten magics. A world bound by order has seen these individuals ripped from their homelands and their very souls shattered. Now these heroes quest to remedy their own splintered souls and restore the natural structure of the very essence of their lives. Yet they soon find that the solution to their plight is not so easy, and time and again our heroes find themselves in a race against the clock as their very existence cracks the reality around them, throwing the world around them into pandemonium.

Will our heroes ever find a cure for their curse? Or shall Virenia enter a new age out of its peaceful slumber?

A world of chaos…

Home Page

Virenia: Tales of the Broken Malikai