Battle of the Scorched Sea


The Seventeenth Day of the Third Moon, 507 AC

As Sybel ‘Saberbane’ Tarburgh made his approach towards the Blackshore isle, Clissón’s forces met his in the Starrybrook channel just south of Redleaf. Fayne, Avus, Kale, and Cupid were fighting in the name of Saberbane, but scattered among the individual ships themselves. Three of Saberbane’s ships, Typhoon Lotus captained by Arvey Blacktongue, Western Promise captained by Orem Fishlips “Yennis,” and Sorrow’s Spear captained by Zahr Slitshanks were pitted against five of Clissón’s, the Undaunted, the Seaweasel, Riptide, the Faithwife, and Walrus.

The battle raged for hours, cannons firing overhead and crashing through hulls and masts alike. The fighting was unbloodied until the ships came close enough to ram one another. At the forefront, Avus’s creature ‘Burt,’ manned the ram of the Western Promise to split the hull of Sorrow’s Spear. Before the pirates had a chance to board the ship, it was turned to splinters and sunk beneath the waters. While the ship was sinking, Cupid was firing fire arrows all the while, setting ships across the water ablaze before they even had a chance to join the fray.

Fayne and Kale had no such luck aboard the Sorrow’s Spear. One of Cupid’s arrow landed square in the sail of the Undaunted, setting the enter mast ablaze, just before it crashed into the Undaunted to ram it. Pirates boarded the ship, and the crew were sent into a blood melee to fight off the invaders before the Spear joined the conflagration. Saberbane’s forces pulled through, and the flaming ship was sent away to the fiery depths in a crackle of searing wood.

While the adventuring party took on the ships, Saberbane’s own Typhoon Lotus was ramming the Riptide, already set afire by Cupid’s marksmanship. Saberbane himself gave the pirates no chance to board his ship, immediately jumping to the Riptide and setting his cats to tear out the throats of the pirate crew.

Before long, the pirate’s ships were outnumbered, three of them already dead in the water, or otherwise burning and soon to sink themselves. The Faithwife and Walrus were lagging behind the rest of the small fleet, but could not escape Cupid’s expert precision. His fire arrows sailed over the waters and landed true, casting the sails aflame before they had a chance to retract them.

Saberbane’s crew brought the Typhoon Lotus side by side with the Walrus, and once more he boarded the opposing ship and made short work of its crew with his bloodthirsty beasts. Before long, the Faithwife succumbed to the cannonfire from the Sorrow’s Spear, joining its companion ships in their trip to the bottom of the channel.

The citizens of Redleaf watched on from the distance, seeing naught but the silhouette of sails against the backdrop of the setting sun and then a great light beneath the new moon, and a great conflagration as four of the ships burned up until they dipped below the sea. Before long, Saberbane’s ships approached the city, his forces waiting patiently on their ships to begin their conquest of Blackshore Isle. In their terror, the people of Redleaf deemed the fateful battle, “The Battle of the Scorched Sea.”

Battle of the Scorched Sea

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